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What other Originators are saying...

Ashli Matthew, First Equity Mortgage Services, Inc.

“I enjoy receiving the lock advice from OriginatorSuccess. It is a great complimentary source to reference for market updates and lock advice. It helps me be in the know on market information and giving clients market advice for locking their interest rate.”

Ben Link, All Square Mortgage

“I find the daily lock advice very helpful in establishing credibility with my clients. I often quote the information to my clients, and let them know it is coming from a mortgage industry professional with expertise in market analysis. You don’t need to be a financial markets wizard to understand the advice, which helps clients build trust in the process.”

Joe Paonessa, America's MortgageBanc Corp.

“I appreciate and enjoy receiving the OriginatorSuccess daily lock advice not only for its insightful comments but also for the on point adages that accompany it. The information is presented in easy to read and helpful breakdowns of short-to-long term lock recommendations. Moreover, on the extremely rare occasions where rates move in the opposite direction of the recommendation, it is usually a totally unpredictable occurrence and one which reverts to the norm rather quickly thereafter.  I highly recommend OriginatorSuccess.”

Christine Stevens, The Mortgage Firm, Inc

“The Daily Lock Advice is a great tool to use both in conversation and email with clients. The fact that you break it down into the 3 time periods is a great help for those clients that just can’t seem to make a decision. It gives the opportunity to provide options in 15 day time periods. I read your lock advise daily when it is released. Thanks for providing this great tool.

Jennifer Cash, George Mason Mortgage, LLC

“I use OriginatorSuccess rate lock advice in my everyday activities. It has provided me a wealth of knowledge that is easy to understand and makes sense to my first time home buyers as well as seasoned investors. It has helped me look like the rate expert without having to invest hours of time studying the economy. In less than 2 minutes of reading, I have my rate lock advice for the day and can focus on loan origination activities.”
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